Infant & Baby Care

We know that selecting a trusted child care partner for your infant is one of every parents most important choices. You’re filled with many emotions and countless questions. Deciding can be overwhelming. Bright Horizons can help. We offer a true partnership in the care of your baby – providing a wonderful, safe, healthy enviroment that respects the needs of your whole family and acknowledges the confidence you place in us.

At Bright Horizons, you’ll find a warm and welcoming environment for your baby to grow and thrive, and for you to feel relaxed and at ease. Every day is a new adventure and our programs are designed to accompany your family as your baby grows from a bundle of joy into a bundle of curiosity.

Educational Highlights

  • An assigned primary caregiver who is responsible for moments of caring, play and communication.
  • A loving, home-like environment with soft places to roll over, pull up, and crawl on.
  • Personalized care plans to support daily schedules, nutritional guidelines and any other unique need.
  • Sensory-rich spaces filled with different sights, sounds and textures to explore.
  • Daily read alouds, exposure to the arts and outdoor time, weather permitting.
  • Stringent safety, security and cleanliness standards that meet or exceed all government standards.

Advantages for Families

  • Full and Half day programs.
  • Open-door policy welcomes parent visits and classroom participation.
  • Daily information sheets updating you on your child’s day.
  • Parenting workshops.
  • Family and Community orientated.

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