At Bright Horizons®, we understand how important the early years are to both you and your child. This is a time of remarkable growth, when children are experiencing rapid development, learning new skills, and progressing steadily towards physical, intellectual, and social-emotional milestones.

With that in mind, our curriculum, National Curriculum and CAPS provides intentional guidance and rich experiences that build upon individual strengths and talents. With our child development professionals at their sides, children at Bright Horizons are assured of getting the care that they need, the creative learning experiences they enjoy, and the intellectually challenging opportunities they deserve.

Children grow fast. Bright Horizons grows with them.

At Bright Horizons we are right there with your child – providing an individualized, flexible curriculum that’s designed to inspire children at every age and stage.

In our early education programs, children grow from curious toddlers into explorative pre-schoolers, guided by knowledgeable child development professionals who actively engage children through intentional teaching practices that guide each child’s social physical, emotional and cognitive development. Parents go to work knowing their children are happy, safe and well cared for, and the children move to the elementary years socially prepared, excited to learn, and well-versed in the language, math and science skills they will need to succeed.

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