Learning Value:
This is a great activity for toddlers to encourage them touse their large muscles for movement and balancing theirown body. It is also excellent for their sensory

Materials Needed:
  • Garden soil or potting soil
  • Large plastic container or tub
  • Spoons, scoops and cups Muffin or pie tins
  • Natural materials such as flowers, stones and sticks
Intended for: Independent play or 2 or more participants
  1. Find a safe and shady spot in the garden
  2. Pour the soil into the tub and add water OR add water to a patch of soil in the garden
  3. Let you child play and explore the soil by squishing it between their fingers.
  4. Let them scoop the moist soil up into cups and pour the mud into the muffin tins.
  5. They can then decorate the pies with flowers, sticks and any natural materials.